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Impact Vizor: ALPSP Awards Finalist for Innovation in Publishing

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 10.07.2015
Post type: News


HighWire Press, Inc., the leading technology platform and strategic partner to influential scholarly publishers and societies, is pleased to announce its newly launched visual analytics product, Impact Vizor, has been selected as a finalist for the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2015.
Impact Vizor was created to help editors and publishers make evidence-based publication decisions by giving them tools for evaluating current citation data. Impact Vizor captures, measures and visualizes scholarly impact signals in published and rejected articles from various key sources. This information is captured well ahead of the usual  lengthy period for citation reporting (up to 3 years post publication), avoiding “data lag,” and enabling timely assessment for identifying editorial trends and opportunities.
“Impact Vizor has quickly become an invaluable tool enabling us to discover interesting trends,” said Keith Gigliello, Digital Manager, Publishing at the American Society of Hematology, HighWire’s pilot publisher of the product. “We are impressed with the speed and clarity of the insights available to our editorial team now.”
“Being selected as a finalist for this award is a testament to HighWire’s innovative leadership in the scholarly community,” said Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire. “HighWire’s pragmatic innovation strategy is focused on delivering impactful solutions that solve real problems for publishers, editors, researchers and information professionals.”
Impact Vizor contains a series of responsive, configurable dashboards, and is the first in a suite of new “visualized” analytics tools from HighWire.  It uses visualization alongside tabular display; filters and drill-down rather than elaborate query syntaxes; and widely-adopted business intelligence tools to enable rapid development. With 16 publishers already enthusiastically using the tool, Impact Vizor is available now to both HighWire- and non-HighWire-hosted publishers. 
For more information, contact John Sack HighWire’s Founding Director: [email protected]

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