HighWire reinforces commitment to supporting dissemination of knowledge during COVID-19 epidemic


HighWire reinforces commitment to supporting dissemination of knowledge during COVID-19 epidemic

MARCH 23 2020, Los Gatos – Scholarly publishing technology provider, HighWire, has today announced its ongoing commitment to enabling access to critical information and supporting the dissemination of knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization, which supports and hosts key information providers such as WHO, BMJ, Cochrane and AAAS, has a robust business continuity plan in place which has been communicated to all clients. HighWire is proud of the work its partners and clients are carrying out at this unprecedented time, underpinned by HighWire’s technology platforms.

The BMJ and AAAS’ Science Magazine, both of which host journals with HighWire, have made all articles and coverage of the coronavirus freely available, empowering researchers in this time of global need. HighWire continues to achieve uptime targets of 99.8% to ensure that these prominent and vital information sources remain accessible.

The creation of the Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) initiative, co-developed by HighWire alongside Google Scholar, is enabling seamless off-campus and mobile access to subscribed scholarly content, helping students and researchers stay up to date wherever they are.

The launch last year of medRxiv – in conjunction with Cold Spring Harbor, BMJ and Yale – is also playing a critical role in rapidly disseminating medical information in a fluid and evolving landscape.

John Inglis, co-founder of bioRxiv and medRxiv, said, “The pandemic is an international tragedy and there is an urgent need for sharing new information on all aspects of COVID-19 quickly, freely, and responsibly. To help with this task, physicians and scientists worldwide have turned to medRxiv and bioRxiv in growing numbers to distribute their own recent research and find out what colleagues elsewhere are learning.”

“We are seeing elevated traffic across the board to our clients in the STM publishing space as the scientific community responds to this rapidly evolving situation, and are proud to say that our platforms continue to perform well,” said Tim Bacci, CEO at HighWire. “We are immensely grateful to our partners, clients, and members of the whole of the research ecosystem for their diligence, dedication and passion during this emergency, and we will continue to support them in every way possible.”


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