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HighWire Press announces new Usage Vizor publishing analytics tool

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 29.07.2016
Post type: News


Vizor Suite adds tools to provide publishers with new insight into how research is used

Building on the success of Impact Vizor and extensive feedback from the publishing community, HighWire Press today launches Usage Vizor, a new visual analytics and reporting tool for publishers.

Designed to provide publishers with insights into how research is being used at both the article- and category-level, Usage Vizor provides a variety of interactive viewers and reports to inform editorial strategy – including the ability to discover the most-used articles by topic, journal or portfolio over time, correlate saves and bookmarks with usage, discover top article usage at the institutional level, understand individual institutions’ usage levels, evaluate turnaway usage, calculate and compare cost/use at the institutional level, and identify how content around specific topics has changed over time. Publishers can set alerts to receive email notifications triggered when particular conditions are met. This can help publishers proactively plan promotion of articles that are in-demand, or research significant changes in institutional usage levels or patterns.

“Deeper insights into content that readers are most engaged with can drive strategic publishing decisions. We developed Usage Vizor to help publishers visualize and map trends to make practical and program decisions with insights from data captured at the article-level," said John Sack, Founding Director at HighWire. "Usage Vizor addresses a wide range of questions, for example, what topics might be highly valuable special issues, or what is the cost-per-use at institutions," continued Sack.

Usage Vizor is the second product in HighWire's Vizor publishing analytics suite, joining Impact Vizor, a 2015 ALPSP Innovation Award Finalist. Any publisher can benefit from Vizor publishing analytics tools, whether or not their publications are on the HighWire Press JCORE platform. Usage Vizor and Impact Vizor are available as annual subscriptions separately or bundled.

"Our goal is to help publishers and editors advance strategic publishing decisions. The Vizor publishing analytics tools are developed in close collaboration with publishers to deliver high value insights, in new, unique ways to quickly visualize and access information." commented Dan Filby, CEO, HighWire Press. "Publishers tell us that business cases for new journals were informed by evidence from Impact Vizor. Usage Vizor will continue to increase the evidence publishers have to make important decisions about their programs."

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