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HighWire Joins the "Annotating All Knowledge" Coalition

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 02.12.2015
Post type: News


HighWire Press, Inc., the leading technology platform and strategic partner to influential scholarly publishers and societies, is pleased to announce participation in a coalition to explore the benefits of building an open, common framework for scholarly annotation.

As a member of the "Annotating All Knowledge" coalition - representing some of the most important organizations in the technology and scholarly publishing communities – HighWire will be part of the investigation into how best to create and implement a standards-based, open web layer which will allow researchers to gather notes and link them across the web, regardless of platform.

“HighWire was founded to deliver technology solutions to influential organizations engaged in disseminating scholarly research,” said Dan Filby, HighWire’s CEO. “By participating in the early stages of this conversation, we will continue to ensure our publishing partners and their valuable content is at the forefront of digital discoverability, while we continue to align our products with our founding ideals.”

For more information about the initiative, visit:



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