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HighWire Belfast office welcomes Lord Mayor

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 05.09.2016
Post type: News

HighWire hosted a visit from the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Alderman Brian Kingston, at the Center of Excellence in Belfast.

The Lord Mayor met with the HighWire team, including recent graduates of the HighWire Training Academy, he commented, “HighWire’s commitment and focus on developing a high quality talent pool supports not only their business goals, but also benefits the Northern Ireland business community.”

HighWire is also collaborating with faculty and program leaders at local colleges and universities, including South Eastern Regional College, Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University to align curriculum with the skill sets that they’re looking for in future HighWire employees. Speaking during the Lord Mayor’s visit, Dan Filby CEO of HighWire, said: “One of the key reasons we chose to launch a new office in Belfast was because of the access to top IT talent.  Technology underpins the future of the publishing industry, and our partners will benefit from innovative solutions delivered by our highly talented developers.”

“It’s fantastic that industry leading organizations like HighWire have chosen Belfast as their international location.  The creation of new jobs is enabling us to grow our economy for the future,” commented the Lord Mayor.

During the Lord Mayor’s visit, Rob Smyth, HighWire’s Director of Engineering Quality Assurance, provided a demonstration of the HighWire platform. “HighWire is the leading technology platform for renowned scholarly publishers and societies, and hosts over 3,000 high-impact journals, books, and other scholarly publications,” said Rob.  “There is great excitement across the new team about the opportunity to be a part of this forward-looking organization, and shaping the future of technology solutions for the scholarly community,” he added.

“I have been very impressed by the highly talented people I’ve met. The enthusiasm of being part of an innovative, global team, from those I spoke with is evident,” commented the Lord Mayor.

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