HighWire and Semantic Scholar partner to enhance article discovery


HighWire and Semantic Scholar partner to enhance article discovery

OCTOBER 17 2019, LOS GATOS – Scholarly publishing technology provider, HighWire, today announced it has partnered with AI-powered academic search engine, Semantic Scholar to enhance article discovery for researchers. Semantic Scholar is funded by the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AI2), a non-profit AI research institute whose mission is “AI for the Common Good”.

As a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, Semantic Scholar’s mission is to empower scholars to overcome information overload by making it easy to discover and understand the scientific literature most relevant to their work. It utilizes methods from data mining, natural language processing and computer vision to make research more discoverable.

Through the partnership, Semantic Scholar will apply their semantic tools and AI models to HighWire’s publishers’ articles, and index the content and related metadata to make it easier for users to find and understand relevant content.

Publishers will benefit from additional users finding their content via semanticscholar.org, Semantic Scholar’s free website. As with other open discovery services, only the metadata of an article will be freely available via Semantic Scholar; if the user wants to access the full text they will be directed back to the publisher’s website for COUNTER-compliant access to the original articles.

In turn, this new source of article metadata generated by Semantic Scholar will be available to publishers to enhance their own sites.

Sebastian Kohlmeier, Senior Manager – Program Management & Business Operations at AI2 said: “We’re excited to partner with HighWire and its prestigious community of society publishers to help increase discoverability of their journal articles. As well as making research discoverable through our search engine, we also provide APIs that publishers can use to access the metadata we extract about an article through AI and machine learning. It’s a win-win: publishers can also use this metadata created by our cutting edge technology to benefit their own websites.”

Jim Longo, Vice President of Product Leadership & Design at HighWire added: “Our partnership opens up exciting opportunities for HighWire publishers to apply this powerful new source of metadata to their content repositories. It will enhance the discovery, search and browsing experiences of their researchers and users. Exactly how publishers leverage the metadata that Semantic Scholar creates will be driven by each publisher’s unique needs, and custom development work will be supported by HighWire’s professional services team.”

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