Endocrine Society Adds HighWire’s Impact Vizor to Inform Differentiated Publishing Strategies


March 6, 2017 – The Endocrine Society will use the Impact Vizor visual analytics suite to track the performance of its journals program using large, integrated data sets. Impact Vizor will enable The Endocrine Society to be more efficient and more effective in reaching its organizational goals.

 “The Endocrine Society is excited to be using the Impact Vizor suite of visual analytics. We can investigate our questions in less time, with integrated access to critical data. The analyses will inform our editorial decision-making and publishing strategies as we continue to grow our portfolio of subscription-based and open access journals in the very competitive fields of basic research, clinical science, and clinical practice in endocrinology,” said Richard O’Grady, Chief Publications Officer at the Endocrine Society.

More than twenty publishers use HighWire’s Vizors visual analytics suite. Impact Vizor helps non-technical publishing staff and editors frame questions using common criteria such as citation data normalized to uncover trends. Vizors generate simple visualizations that integrate proprietary manuscript data with data from several sources, including citation data from Crossref and Scopus, saves to Mendeley, and social shares. Previously, this data was difficult to obtain, time-consuming to integrate, and required specialized skills to analyze effectively.

Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire comments, “We are delighted that the Endocrine Society joins several HighWire customers using Impact Vizor. Publishers frequently tell us that Impact Vizor delivers evidence that supports critical publishing program decisions, such as launching a new open access journal.  As a strategic partner, we help publishers discover trends across their publication programs so they can move forward with confidence.”

HighWire recently launched Usage Vizor, its second suite of Vizor visual analytics, to help publishers analyze institutional usage and demand for content. Sales and marketing teams as well as editorial teams discover insights to inform a variety of program strategies and communications to customers and readers. Additional Vizor analytic suites are planned in 2017. Vizor suites are developed in conjunction with several publishers – from product concept to post-launch to deliver answers to their most pressing questions quickly.


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