American Society of Anesthesiologists Adds HighWire’s Impact Vizor Visual Analytics for International Program Development


The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), publisher of Anesthesiology, will use HighWire’s Impact Vizor visual analytics suite to identify trends and evaluate the impact of its publishing program. Impact Vizor is an interactive tool that combines large data sets in a visual environment for rapid insights into trends across the publishing landscape.

Impact Vizor  will help us identify newly published articles that are rapidly generating citations,” said George Kendall, ASA director of Publications and Digital Content. “We want to look at the strengths of research by specialty to uncover emerging topics and use Impact Vizor to learn more about the strength of our global authorship. Additionally, our marketing team can use this information to update our featured research articles frequently.”

ASA joins more than 20 publishers using HighWire’s Vizors visual analytics suite. Impact Vizor helps data analysts, non-technical publishing staff and editors frame questions to uncover trends across their own publishing program and the larger, competitive landscape with direct and rapid access to current citation data. Publishers use Impact Vizor to evaluate article-level metrics to see trends, far in advance of annual Journal Impact Factor announcements.

Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire, comments, “We are delighted to welcome the ASA to the HighWire community as a new customer of Impact Vizor. We developed our visual analytics platform so publishers can quickly assess their strategic decisions and policies to move forward with confidence, regardless of the publishing platforms they use for peer review and content hosting.”

Vizor suites are developed in collaboration with several publishers – from product concept to post-launch, John Sack, founding director, works closely with publishers to deliver rapid insights into the publisher’s program.  Impact Vizor was a finalist for the ALPSP Innovation in Publishing Award in 2015.

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