AI Tool Meta to Index All Content on HighWire Platform to Increase Rapid Discoverability


All publishers working with HighWire Press will benefit from an agreement signed today with Chan Zuckerberg Meta (Meta), part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Meta is a non-commercial tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read the world’s scholarly papers, understand what is in them, and deliver insights to researchers in real time.

Meta’s neural network systems look at hundreds of signals within new papers, as they are published, to project their future impact with striking accuracy, informed by over 30 million scholarly articles. Meta’s discovery engine can increase awareness of papers among interested scientists that may otherwise go unnoticed among the thousands of scientific papers published daily. Researchers are directed to the publisher’s platform to access full articles in their copyright-aligned model.

HighWire will use Meta’s API when it is made available to help publishers accelerate science and solve bottlenecks in research communications.  For example, HighWire will work with Meta to deliver “bibliometric intelligence” reports that offer publishers insights into the likely impact of any submitted paper with suggestions for possible reviewers in the field which may improve time to acceptance.

CEO of HighWire Press, Dan Filby commented “HighWire customers PNAS and BMJ were among early adopters of Meta. We look forward to collaborating across our community and with Meta to deliver innovative, intelligent solutions to advance human knowledge.” 

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