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SAMS Sigma - leading access and identity management

Flexible access and identity control

SAMS Sigma provides your users with a single sign on to access scholarly content, across multiple websites. It enables you to identify each user and provides you with a flexible way to license content and control access. Click HERE for more information. 

SAMS Sigma


Identify your customer

Users only have to sign on once to access your content, on any device, anywhere. SAMS Sigma empowers your institutional customers by giving them a single, seamless view across all profiles, users and analytics.

Enable seamless access

From open access to freemium, subscriptions and trials, SAMS Sigma makes connecting your customers with your content simple, easy and secure. SAMS Sigma then enables you to analyze these connections and use them to inform your business decisions.

Grow your business

By helping you to better understand usage patterns, SAMS Sigma can open new sales channels to help grow revenues. As a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS), SAMS Sigma is designed to grow with your business, as your market develops and changes.

Find out how SAMS Sigma could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (800) 3688225

Why SAMS Sigma?

  • PROFILES for organizations, and individuals
  • AGREEMENTS covering content licenses, organizational hierarchies, consortia, remotes access and admin
  • AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION against profiles and agreements
  • TEMPLATES for licence agreements and voucher codes
  • MESSAGING notices, emails and notifications
  • APIs for content platforms finance systems and ERPs

Part of the Intelligent Publishing Platform

Open platform for journals
Citation and usage analytics
Usage and readership trends

Products & services

Our Intelligent Publishing Platform brings you the opportunity to develop and refine your digital publishing and scholarly communication.

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Find out how SAMS Sigma could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (800) 3688225

Find out how SAMS Sigma could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (800) 3688225
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