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The Intelligent Publishing Platform

Constantly evolving digital solutions

Keeping you ahead

HighWire’s Intelligent Publishing Platform is a unique next-generation digital solution designed to evolve to meet the fast-changing expectations of your online users.

Using open architecture, the Intelligent Publishing Platform delivers innovative digital assets that work together to create superior user experiences, remarkable engagement and exciting new revenue opportunities, now and long into the future.

A cohesive vision for digital publishing

Our vision is to constantly invest in the Intelligent Publishing Platform to ensure that you enjoy:

  • Evolving solutions that give you the very best user experiences and ensure that you are never left behind
  • Leading infrastructure supporting the fastest, most reliable services, helping users to find you quicker and stay longer
  • The highest security to protect your financial transactions, intellectual property and data storage
  • Integrated products so that you can add services and capability as you expand
  • Scalable technology to enable you to grow audiences, portfolios and products, across disciplines, markets and territories.

Expertise and investment

Our independent Intelligent Publishing Platform benefits from our long heritage with Stanford University, backed by significant investment from private equity technology specialist, Accel – KKR.

This partnership of skills, expertize and financial clout enables us to keep you at the forefront of online publishing.

HighWire's platform allows the team at ASH to optimize their time and energy focusing on analyzing data rather than spending their time collecting it.

Keith Gigliello

Senior Manager of Digital Publications, American Society of Hematology (ASH)

Why HighWire’s Intelligent Publishing Platform?

  1. Understanding users

    With more touchpoints across the platform and machine learning capability, you can track user behaviour to improve customer experience and quickly adapt content to meet changing needs.

  2. Driving efficiency

    Automation allows you to smooth out processes and improve data insights across all of your products and services, saving time and enhancing effectiveness.

  3. Informing editorial decisions

    Editorial decisions informed by real-time interactions can transform your focus, helping you to refine article submission strategies, track rejections, validate new feature or journal spin-offs and quickly adapt to topical demand.

  4. Attracting and retaining authors

    From meeting abstracts and peer review to pre-print and post publication, our Intelligent Publishing Platform enables you to identify high-impact authors throughout the cycle.

  5. Boosting revenue generation

    All of these benefits enable you to target content more precisely, driving up engagement and growing revenue streams with advanced functionality.

  6. Improving discovery and usage

    We work with Google Scholar and other partners to ensure multi-level search engine optimization to all of your content. A single secure login allows your registered users seamless access to eligible titles, from any device.

  7. Tailored solutions

    Our Consultancy service can bring you best practice solutions, and tailor them to your precise needs.

Transform your digital services

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Transform your digital services

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