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Folio - The dynamic ebook platform

Connecting readers with content

HighWire Folio is a flexible ebook solution delivering an easy reading experience for sections, chapters, or entire books. It drives online readers to your ebook content, improving discoverability while promoting revenue growth. Click HERE for more information. 

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Integrating ebooks with scholarly content

With HighWire Folio, integrated search, recommendations, and site pages can cross-promote your ebooks alongside your scholarly journals. You can also promote targeted content with advertising and ensure readers can find all of your content with one search.

Growing revenue opportunities

A seamless ecommerce experience handles book, chapter, and article sales, giving you the opportunity to monetize ebook content in numerous ways. Whether you have ten or ten thousand ebooks, it's easy to get started and simple to add new titles.

Encouraging reader engagement

Flexible functionality enables you to build engagement. Targeted recommendations, free access to tables of contents and sample chapters, social sharing of content and time-limited access are all quick and simple.

Find out how Folio could work for you

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Why Folio?

  • Promote ebook and journal content with an image- and content-rich homepage
  • Page-by-page viewing compatible with any browser
  • Flexible ecommerce options
  • Responsive design for a mobile-optimized reading experience
  • Content processing managed through HighWire Express – a secure, efficient, and highly automated intake system

Part of the Intelligent Publishing Platform

Open platform for journals
Citation and usage analytics
Usage and readership trends

Products & services

Our Intelligent Publishing Platform brings you the opportunity to develop and refine your digital publishing and scholarly communication.

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Find out how Folio could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300

Find out how Folio could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300
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