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Webinar: BenchPress Unlimited - revolutionizing manuscript submissions

Per-submission pricing: an idea whose time has come… and gone

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Watch our free webinar and discover how HighWire is revolutionizing manuscript submission

Developed for publishers with low volume, straight-forward submission processes, BenchPress Unlimited is simple and intuitive, providing the critical features and functionality without overwhelming your authors, editors, and reviewers. A SAAS based solution, it also comes with a simple, flat rate pricing structure, so you know what you’re going to pay regardless of the number of submissions.

Eric Hall, Senior Product Manager for BenchPress Unlimited talks you through the key benefits of the service with real-world examples, as well as explaining how HighWire has addressed the pricing and support challenges that are common competitive with manuscript submission services.

Watch this 30 minute webinar now and gain an insight into how BenchPress Unlimited can revolutionize the way you manage manuscript submissions.

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