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SSP Annual Meeting

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We’re delighted to be a Diamond Sponsor as the Society for Scholarly Publishing heads back to the west coast for its 41st Annual Meeting. Looking out into the vast Pacific in San Diego will be a good opportunity to reflect on the (literal) wide world of publishing. This year’s meeting will represent a focused effort on inviting new voices into our ongoing conversations—not just geographically but with any new perspectives that help us move together toward a new age of scholarly communication.

  • What new technologies will be at work in the new status quo we are building? How will publishers continue to meet the needs of authors and readers, especially in previously underrepresented markets?
  • How do these big picture changes affect day-to-day operations in editorial and production offices? Are the solutions and challenges the same for smaller publishers and societies?
  • We can also take the opportunity to explore solutions for potentially seismic developments like Plan S or other policies from funders and even nations.

Further details on the event can be found here. You can find us at Booth 404 during the event. 

Our Sessions

Independent-Publisher Planning for Plan S: The Findings of a Multi-Publisher Workshop

Thursday May 30th, 10:30am – 12:00pm

A group of 40 people—approximately 20 organizations—met in a HighWire-hosted workshop in late January 2019 to consider more than a half dozen specific implementation options in order to optimally address Plan S compliance requirements. Four of the publishers plus John Sack will provide an overview of the discussion and the full set of options evaluated, and drill down to the four most promising of the options under consideration. Attendees will learn who is doing what, why, and how, about implementing Plan S. Using a panel format, each panelist will advance one of the options, while another panelist will comment on why that option would not be optimal in his/her organization’s case.

John Sack, Founding Director, HighWire Press
Rich Dodenhoff, Journals Director, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET)
Greg Malar, Business Development Director, Rockefeller University Press
Karen Halm, Managing Editor, American Journal of Neuroradiology
Dana Compton, Editorial Director, American Society of Civil Engineers

Leadership Development in Scholarly Publishing: A Practical Conversation

Thursday May 30th, 4:45pm – 5:45pm 

Nearly all professionals want to know ways they can grow in their field; however leadership development is often overlooked at organizations. Without spending time on developing an employee’s professional skills, organizations risk high turnover, wasted resources, and the creation of internal political roadblocks. But with good planning and mentoring, staff can be retained and developed to succeed at high levels. This panel is intended to provide information to those looking to develop their own skills as well as for managers seeking practical tips and advice. Specific topics will be: How can individuals working at big publishers or small societies look for opportunities for leadership development? How can managers do a better job with these activities? What risks and strategies have individuals taken in their careers? How do you identify opportunities for growth in flat organizations? What practical things can an individual do on their own to ensure they are still growing? This session will have a short introduction, but will be primarily a Q&A with the audience.

Eric Hall, Senior Product Manager, HighWire
Brian E. C. Schottlaender
, Principal, re:work library consulting, University Librarian Emeritus, UC San Diego, University of California, San Diego
Jessica Rucker, Assistant Director, Global Journals Development, American Chemical Society
Michelle English, Director of Operations, J&J Editorial, LLC
Julie Nash, Senior Partner, J&J Editorial, LLC

Considerations When Planning a Platform Migration: Advice from the Front Line

Friday 31st May, 11:15am – 12:15am

For scholarly publishers there inevitably comes a time when content must move to a different hosting platform. It’s a painful process and requires much planning and support. However, there are specific tasks platform providers and production teams can undertake to make the transition smoother. For one day only, this panel presentation brings together the platform experts themselves to discuss strategies and tactics that may minimize some (but probably not all!) stress.

This lively discussion will NOT promote one platform over the other, NOR will it advertise platform benefits. Rather, it is an effort to tear down proprietary walls and present collectively to the scholarly publishing community effective methods that promote the dissemination of content.

Jim Longo, VP Product Leadership and Design, HighWire
Jake Zarnegar, Chief Product Officer, Silverchair
Eleni Lialiamou, Vice President, Product Management, Atypon
Scott Winner, Chief Executive Officer, Ingenta
Tom Beyer, Platform Services Director, PubFactory

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You can also find us at Booth #404 during the event.

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