John Sack joins the ALPSP hosted webinar

ALPSP Webinar: Driving usage, demonstrating value


Driving and measuring usage of subscriptions is critical both to publishers and librarians in demonstrating the value of scholarly resources to readers and researchers at an institution. However, increased off-platform usage and remote access challenges make it harder than ever to fully capture the content usage picture.

This webinar presents strategies for driving usage and repatriating ‘dark usage’ while still enabling researchers and readers to use workflows that function best for them.

How can marketing and sales colleagues work together to maximize usage? How can CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access) facilitate and increase off-campus usage? How do librarians want to collaborate with publishers in driving and measuring usage of their holdings? How can publishers work with third-party platforms such as ResearchGate in order to capture the full usage picture?

Who should attend

This is a must attend event for Publishers, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors and Libarians who wish to improve their strategies to drive usage of subscriptions and record or repatriate ‘dark usage’. The webinar will address issues for journals and ebooks, in both HSS and STM.

What will you learn?

Strategies for driving usage and engagement with subscription content across the wider researcher workflow.


  • Chair: Kivmars Bowling, Publications Director, SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
  • Stacey Burke, Science Publishing and Membership Marketing Senior Manager, American Society for Microbiology
  • John Sack, Founding Director, HighWire Press, Inc
  • Michael Levine-Clark, Dean of Libraries, University of Denver
  • Brigitte Shull, Senior Vice President, USA and the Director of Scholarly Communications R&D at Cambridge University Press
  • John Sack

    Founding Director

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